Teaching Modern Hungary

Would like to learn more about Hungary but are not sure where to start? Below you’ll find a few accessible sources for yourself and your students!*

On Hungary in ENGLISH:
Telex in English (domestic Hungarian news)
Direkt36 (investigative journalism)
Insight Hungary (domestic Hungarian news)
Hungarian Spectrum Blog (news + analysis)


Familiarize yourself with modern Hungarian politics with the BBC’s Nick Thorpe on Orbán and The Atlantic‘s Anne Applebaum.

For Bibliophiles
Metropole by Ferenc Karinthy (fiction)
Politics in Color and Concrete by Krisztina Fehérváry (ethnography)
The Danube by Nick Thorpe (travelogue)
The Hungarians, Second Edition by Paul Lendvai (history)

For Cinemaphiles
Testről és lélekről, (On Body and Soul), 2017
Liza, a rókatűndér (Liza the Fox Fairy), 2015
Kontroll (Control), 2003
A Tanu (The Witness), 1969

Select Hungarian Studies Organizations
Hungarian Studies Associaiton (HSA)
American Hungarian Educators Association
International Association for Hungarian Studies
Hungarian Cultural Association at IU Bloomington

Select Hungarian Studies Journals:
Hungarian Studies Review (HSR)
Penn State University Press
Hungarian Cultural Studies (in Hungarian and English)
Pittsburg University Press

For Fun

A satirical political poster in Budapest which reads, “Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.”

Why are politics in Hungary worth following? An uncommon place to start digging in might just spark your interest. Read more about MKKP, Hungary’s Two-Tailed Dog Party, HERE.

Now on to speed cubing?

Can you solve this Hungarian invention?
If not, try THIS TUTORIAL by Wired’s Robbie Gonzalez. It worked for me!

*These are in no way meant to be comprehensive lists. These are texts I enjoy and/or resources I have found to be useful teaching tools.